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John Karmelich

I am a self-taught bible teacher who has been working on this e-mail ministry since 1998. I committed my life to serve Christ in 1993 and started studying the bible soon afterward. I have listened to over a thousand audio tapes on expository bible studies and read “a few commentaries” as well. On the last lesson of each bible study series is a list of references for that particular study.

I have an undergraduate and Master's Degree from USC, both of which are real estate related. My day job requires over 20,000 miles a year of driving, from which came my “bible college” education. I have been writing business reports for many years, which provided the writing skills for these lessons. I am still working on my grammar skills!

If you wish to comment, I ask that you first look through the Questions? section of this web site and then please correspond. To summarize my purpose for these lessons: “God gave me the skills to do this. I prepare, and then I write. The results are His problem.”

To God be the glory,

John Karmelich

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